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Who we are

Cake Fairy loves baking. We maintain the best of traditional techniques whilst embracing what modern technology and thinking has to offer. As a company we are focused, well trained and passionate about our products. Cake fairy has many talents besides baking which is Baking Supplies, we sell high quality baking ingredients and products for a reasonable cost resulting in baking made easy also constantly making people aware of the concept of quality goods while remaining efficient financially We sell only the best products available from companies with reputations for their high standards and quality. Our products include, icing sugar, fresh cream, castor sugar, food coloring, modelling tools, cake toppers, cake stands, eggs, dried fruits to mention but a few

Cake Fairy will also go the extra mile in teaching interested parties to bake. Different classes are held throughout the year to impart the knowledge and spread the love of baking.

Cake Flavours

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Chocolate Ganache

decadent chocolate sponge layered with a rich chocolate ganache, contains brandy however it may be left out

Bar One Caramel

Layers of chocolate sponge with a decadent Bar One Caramel filling

Irish Coffee

Irish coffee sponge doused with Espresso and Irish Whiskey

Red Velvet

Red buttermilk sponge with layers of cream cheese icing


A zesty citrus sponge bursting with fresh oranges and lemons

Italian Sponge

Italian sponge soaked with Port and layered with a creamy filling

Ferrero Rocher

Dark chocolate sponge with layers of Roasted Hazelnut ganache

Carrot Cake

Spicy carrot cake with pineapple and cinnamon and a lemon cream cheese filling

Vanilla or Chocolate Hazelnut

Vanilla or chocolate sponge layered with a creamy roasted hazelnut filling

Passion Fruit

Passion fruit sponge layered with a delicious fresh Passionfruit butter cream

Vanilla Chocolate

Vanilla sponge layered with a rich decadent chocolate ganache

French Vanilla

Traditional Vanilla sponge layered with a vanilla pod butter cream

Our Creations

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